Increase your business Twitter following

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When used properly, Twitter can be a powerful business tool. It can help you create leads, promote your brand and build strong connections with potential customers. The trouble is if you have no followers you can’t experience these benefits. Here are seven magical ways to increase your business Twitter following:

Increase your business Twitter following
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1. Research

  • Research your ideal audience properly to find how they’re talking and what they’re talking about on Twitter.
  • Study what your company’s ideal market would look like. This includes their gender, age range, location and even their employment status.
  • Use Twitter’s relevant hash tags and trends to find your target audience’s conversations and join in!
  • As well as researching your audience, also consider reviewing the most influential people in your sector. Take note of their communities or conversations and engage with them as much as you possibly can!
  • Ask them questions, retweet their valuable tweets, talk to those who they follow and get on their radar.

2. Networking

  • It is becoming more and more common to trade Twitter handles at networking events.
  • Go to trade events and chat to fellow attendees, speakers, brand representatives, and delegates.
  • Network as much as you can and continue your conversation over on Twitter at the soonest opportunity – the least they can do is to follow you (if you’ve been interesting enough!) which will contribute and help increase your business Twitter following.

3. Make Your Profile Look Great

  • Optimise your Twitter profile – nobody wants to follow a scruffy or unfinished account – first impressions matter!
  • Make sure your cover image is high resolution and reflects your brand.
  • Use a headshot or logo as your profile picture. Steer away from stock images, nobody wants to follow a faceless brand.
  • Users who want to find out more about you will inevitably visit your Twitter bio. Make sure it’s professional, complete and that it does a great job of representing you and your business.
  • Always include relevant keywords so you rank in Twitter’s search function.
  • Don’t forget to include your city or region name to attract local users. Twitter is a community and making local connections can help increase your business Twitter following.

4. Get Blogging!

  • Create and publish regular blogs tailored to your industry and company on your website. Not only do blogs supply you with lots of reusable social media content but they can also make you look like a leader in your industry.
  • Write blogs that reference the influential tweeters and their own blogs, if they have one.
  • Once you’ve published it, let them know they’re in it by @mentioning them and asking for feedback – this is a great way to generate exposure.
  • A great start-up blogging technique is choosing a relevant topic that links several influencers and summarise a how-to guide using their advice as well as including your own opinions.
  • Once you’re accustomed to blogging, put yourself forward to write for other people’s blogs. Go to them with a specific subject and an interesting angle as this will provide you with a great opportunity to flaunt your knowledge and plug your own business.
  • Don’t forget to finish all blogs with your twitter handle!

5. Content Is Key

  • This should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Post engaging, informative content that people want to see … and most importantly, share!
  • Posting what you had for lunch, or your opinions about world politics, or random thoughts about life are fine and makes you look human but without a solid base of valuable content your follower count will never increase.

6. Know when to tweet

  • Tweet often but not in bursts. A Korean research study showed that a common reason why people unfollow is due to too many tweets in a short period of time which can be annoying to other users.
  • Try tweeting between 1pm and 3pm when Twitter traffic is at its peak.

7. Follow to be followed!

  • Unless you’re a huge global brand such as Google or Coca Cola, or a massive celebrity, nobody is going to follow you without you following a few people first!
  • Start with your trade influencers and industry magazines. Then add a few companies you work alongside, a few previous happy clients, and a few potential new clients. You can also sync your profile with your email address to find new followers.
  • Twitter is excellent for giving you a list of people who you should be following, this saves lots of time rather than manually finding twitter handles.

Social media can be difficult and finding the time to juggle it can be near enough impossible. This is where Cyberfrog Design’s digital marketing services can help you. Give us a call and see how we can boost your social media presence and increase your business Twitter following!


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