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This website is a dedicated site for Irvings Law’s data breach division. Irvings have been serving clients all across England and Wales for well-over thirty years. Their priority is to help get the highest possible compensation for clients who have become victims of data breaches or have suffered as a result of GDPR errors by organisations, companies and public bodies.

What was needed?
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After the success of our work on the main Irvings website we were tasked to create a site for Irvings’ brand new initiative dedicated entirely to data breach cases. As a new arm to the firm, the site was required to properly publicise and promote the service to clients in a fast-growing area of law: GDPR and data breach. As an increasing and modern phenomenon, the site had to appeal to a modern audience and create the right resonance to encourage potential clients to become actual clients.

What we considered
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Lawyers are scary and usually no one has to go to a lawyer for a good reason. Therefore, this website had to project supportive and reassuring messages which would encourage rather than repel. Accessible language would be key as well as imagery of actual staff. Also, as a new site, an effective ‘sales funnel’ need to be designed to generate plenty of user interaction and use in order to give the website the best opportunity of climbing the rankings as a ‘relevant website’ in Google’s eyes.

What we did
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We created a modern design for the site which focussed on simple and straightforward jargon-free language and direct easy-to-understand messaging – no legalese! Content was generated that spoke directly to the website visitor and little about the lawyer’s firm itself: content should be 80% about the visitor and answer their questions. Different types of data breach were clearly demarcated, and simple contact procedures and calls-to action were included. We organised a photoshoot of the staff and lawyers who clients would be dealing with in order to break down inhibition barriers and see the lawyers as human beings.

How it turned out
Outcomes... Visit the website

Specialist lawyers’ website design: After launch, we performed some onsite SEO and is now ranking on page one locally and very well nationwide. Irvings have performed an active online campaign on Twitter which brings visitors to the website – these visits have helped to boost the site’s search engine rankings. The site attracts over 2000 visitors a month and increasing enquiries have be instrumental in the addition to the data breach team. We provide continued support and assist with blog, news and case study additions as part of the firm’s marketing efforts.

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