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Web design for harbour monitoring: Marlan Maritime Technologies provides situational awareness solutions for maritime and marine-related industries. Their high performance, cost-effective vessel traffic monitoring and management systems are designed to help those responsible for ports and harbours, coastal surveillance and offshore asset protection to achieve the safety, security and efficiency they need.

What was needed?
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Marlan had no online presence and required a website that promoted their products and services and conveyed their brand values and personality of being professional, trustworthy, innovative, passionate, dependable, problem solvers, technical experts and enjoyable to work with. Marlan were keen to emphasise how important their customer relationships are and how closely they work with clients to arrive at the best solutions.

What we considered
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Marlan had been stung in the past with a badly hacked website built by another company and were keen to know to what length Cyberfrog would go to ensure this didn’t happen to them again. Marlan also deal with some very large companies worldwide so the design of the site needed to be suitably impressive, have a ‘global’ image, successfully convey products and services and have a welcoming and friendly feel. We also needed to adhere very strictly to their branding guidelines.

What we did
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We initially sent Marlan a spec sheet of our hosting’s security measures, precautions that prevent brute force attempts and DOS attacks. We also outlined the measures we would put on the website to keep it safe and secure and the website MOT services we provide to ensure the website stays secure and up-to-date with security patches. Marlan provided the brand guidelines document, the written copy (which we copy edited for the site) and some imagery. Generating a colour swatch from the logo, we designed a site that made impressive use of large images, icons and descriptive straplines. Skylines of world cities created the desired global feel and a team page created a face and personality to the site and the company.

How it turned out
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Specialist software developer website: Marlan have said that the initial proposal really captured what the company was trying to achieve and the website has realised it. The site has helped them win valuable contracts and has attracted new customers. We enjoy an ongoing relationship with Marlan, such as designing and printing numerous promotional items and exhibition/events materials and they have recently challenged Cyberfrog to a round of Ghetto Golf in the old Cains brewery. They don’t stand a chance.

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