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Web design for artists studios: Merseymade is a local outlet that promotes local artists and craftspeople. The establishment features a main shop, artists’ studios, a café, and a board room that can be hired for events and conferences. Merseymade’s mission is to celebrate local arts, crafts, creativity and culture.

What was needed?
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This website was intended to promote Merseymade and its work and to be an ecommerce website. As well as regular local arts and craft items, the website needed to help promote Merseymade’s resident artists and allow them to sell their own items on the website and receive payment directly. Merseymade’s website admin needed an easy and viable solution as the site would be regularly updated. The website also needed to have a suitable ‘arts and crafts’ type feel to the design.

What we considered
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The main challenge was the payment system. Artists would have their own log in and be able to manage their own products. Their products would appear alongside all products on the site but if a visitor bought a product belonging to the artists, money needed to go directly to the artists minus Merseymade’s commission. The system created need to recognise the difference between regular items, and artists’ items. The design itself was also a challenge because it had to impress the artists!

What we did
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Using Stripe Payments, we created a system that could differentiate items for sale and send the money to the correct person. This required each artist to have their own Stripe account which was registered on the website’s payment functionality. As regards design, Merseymade already had some excellent brand guidelines which we used to create a dynamic, bright, and bold design.

How it turned out
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As a local enterprise, the website is receiving around 5000 visits a month and improved sales through the site compared to the old one. A key improvement for Merseymade’s website admin is that they have a viable promotional tool for the store itself, and the products and services it offers. The site is used regularly for adding new products and offers, and is a significant improvement visually being more in line with how Merseymade want to be seen by customers.

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