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Web design for media company: The Guide Liverpool is a Merseyside-based media company specialising in bringing local people, and visitors to the region, details of news, events, culture, days out, as well as providing promotional services for local businesses.

What was needed?
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The Guide Liverpool already had a website that was becoming a little unwieldy to manage due to the high quantity of content that was being published. The Guide produce written and video content every day for consumption by visitors so an improvement of backend admin was required to streamline organisational and publication processes. The least amount of time spent on publication, the better. The site also needed to be visually better and ‘consumable’ than the existing one.

What we considered
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With a very high daily visitor count, it was vital that the front end of the site was user-friendly, intuitive and ‘sticky’ – we needed people to use the site and come back. A key element was navigation and ensuring that visitors could find the information they were looking for as quickly as possible, and have an excellent browsing experience. In addition, The back end of the site, and the media and content added, would grow daily so a long-term and forward-looking solution was required to ensure The Guide wouldn’t end up with another unwieldy site in the near future.

What we did
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Opting for a clean and clear design was decided upon to ensure an easy reading experience for website visitors, many of whom would be using mobile phones. The home page features large navigation buttons for key website sections and the main menu was carefully categorised for associated content and articles. The back end of the site features easy compartmentalisation of different categories and file locations for different media types to ensure daily website management was easy and efficient.

How it turned out
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The result was a much-improved website experience for both The Guide as admin, and for the website visitor. The site was built to be lean and fast, as websites can slow down and ‘clog’ over time if content is added frequently so this led to an improved browsing experience for visitors and a quicker and more efficient management process for admin. Time saved! The site is hosted on our top hosting package to ensure it maintains peak performance with scalable attributes in both the website platform and the hosting environment to ensure the site can continue to grow and grow.

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