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Web design for solicitors: Irvings Law has been serving clients across the UK for over thirty years. They’ve helped thousands of clients with cases involving small to very severe and complex claims. They say their number one priority is to help get the highest possible compensation for clients so they can get on with their lives. From humble beginnings the firm has grown to one of the most well-known and respected law firms in the region.

What was needed?
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By their own admission Irvings knew nothing about branding or marketing and were looking for a company to help them with it. Cyberfrog were invited to pitch to the partners and solicitors. We initially submitted a proposal based on a short brief and gave our presentation at the firm’s offices. Certain criteria were stipulated in the initial brief, mainly how to communicate their client-centred approach, but the company were really looking for fresh ideas and a digital design agency to create it. They chose us.

What we considered
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Irvings felt that their existing site didn’t convey the firm’s philosophy clearly enough. They provide myriad personal injury services like many other firms but really wanted their message to be the centre of the website’s function. What was going to make potential clients become actual clients? What would encourage them to make contact? How would we present Irvings as a modern law firm?

What we did
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We worked very closely with Angelina, Irvings’ marketing coordinator. She was a great communicator and had lots of great ideas. This ensured that the project ran smoothly as it was her role within the company to work on the site with us. ‘Legal stuff’ can be scary for some people and can be a barrier to them getting in touch. We created a design that was largely icon-based (a familiar approach for the smartphone age), text light and jargon free. In order to combat the consensus that solicitors are stern and faceless, we incorporated a team page with natural photos rather than the usual stiff mugshots to create a relaxed and ‘human’ feel to the site. Services were split into logical and easy-to-navigate sections and bold use of office and staff imagery was used throughout the design.

How it turned out
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Irvings were so delighted with the website that they took us out to lunch, which was lovely. They told us that we had managed to visualise what they knew was missing and convey exactly the message that they wanted their clients to receive. Since launch we have helped Angelina with various pieces of advertising, promotional literature and design-for-print. Enquiries are up as is their position in search engine results. We’re thrilled with our ongoing relationship with Irvings and the halloumi on ciabatta was great.

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