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Website for football fans: The multi-award winning Redmen TV covers Liverpool FC on every major platform. Home and Away. Near and Far. They’ve been doing this since 2007. They’re good at it. If it’s real, honest fan opinions you’re after, they’ve got them. If it’s tactical analysis, they’ve got it. Exclusive interviews, they’ve got them. From Suarez to King Kenny, they’ve interviewed them all.

What was needed?
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Redmen TV have thousands of subscribers to their channel and their old website was becoming increasingly unsatisfactory in being able to support such high user demands. The club’s resurgence under Jurgen Klopp (sorry Evertonians!) meant that the site was becoming more popular with fans wordwide and was no longer able to cope. They asked us to redevelop their website to present a more up-to-date appearance, improve speed and functionality, and create something with a more robust framework to avoid crashing and down time. The redesign also had to increase subscriptions to the website too.

What we considered
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One of the main challenges with this website is that there was a lot of data in the old site’s database that need to be retained such as subscriber details, existing podcasts, news items, etc. We had to make sure that nothing was lost in the redevelopment and that there would be no interruption in service for subscribers.

Design challenges were centred around creating something exciting and immersive for a modern audience, using predominantly mobile devices, in an engaging and ‘sticky’ way. Subscribers are the lifeblood of Redmen TV and we needed to ensure people signed up and stayed interested. Customer retention was key.

What we did
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One of our designers and one of developers worked closely together to create the website. As a lot of the design elements were dependent on existing and new functionality this side-by-side approach was necessary to ensure what was designed could be developed and what needed to be developed was designed appropriately. The result was a highly-visual, engaging and slick website geared towards audio-visual experiences.

Custom developed in WordPress, we relaunched on flexible cloud hosting (linked in with AWS) to ensure our 99.99% uptime pledge and meet the needs of a growing subscriber base and increased traffic.

How it turned out
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Website for football fans: This website was built to be optimised for multiple devices. In 2019, roughly 50% of web browsing is done on mobile devices (see latest stats!) such as smartphones and tablets so it’s important that we consider all browsing devices when we design and build.

This website has a higher proportion of mobile users than desktop so we adopted a ‘mobile first’ approach to the design and build. The demographics of users was also a factor in how we planned this project and is targeted at a younger audience.

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