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Social media training Liverpool: Learn how to plan, launch and benefit from an organised social media campaign that reaches the right people and grows your client base.

How it helps

Many companies with marketing departments are tasked with connecting with existing and potential customers. With a wide range of social media platforms to go at, the temptation is to sign up for everything and then find that you spread yourself too thinly and an online marketing campaign becomes disjointed, samey, and sparse.

However, choosing the right social platforms for your business can yield dividends and really help a business reach new audiences, interact with existing customers, improve customer service, drive traffic to a website, increase sales and revenue, and it’s even possible to have a little fun along the way.

How we will help

We can provide social media training to individuals as well as groups either at our premises or your place of work. We will take you through the basics of the purposes and benefits of social media for business, how to choose the right platforms for your company (e.g. Facebook and Instagram are great for B2C, Twitter better for B2B), how to interact with followers, content creation, planning and strategy, and how to set goals and outcomes to ensure that any social media activity is time well-spent and profitable.

We can also help with ensuring brand consistency across all platforms and help you achieve effective outcomes with a well-organised digital marketing campaign.

What you’ll get

You will receive up-to-date training in your chosen social media platforms and achieve a thorough understanding of how they differ, which demographics they appeal to, and how they can be best use to promote your business. We’ll teach you techniques for interaction giving tips and guidance on how to engage your audience, build a useful following, and plan strategies for continued growth.

You’ll receive good practice guides and documents in a takeaway pack, planning sheets, goal setting matrices, and leave the course with an in-depth understanding of what you need to do next and concrete steps of how to get your marketing campaign rolled out. Contact us to find out how social media training Liverpool can help you or your business.

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