Offline techniques to boost your social media following

Cast your nets wide

We say it a lot around here but it’s so important that your business remembers to be active, savvy and social and we don’t just mean online. Building your business’ social media following shouldn’t be restricted to the online world as there is an abundance of people you meet every day who are just waiting to follow you. There are other ways to boost your social media following.

Offline techniques to boost your social media following
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Engaging and regular content is always king when it comes to gaining traction on social media, but don’t forget that valuable followers are sometimes just under your nose.

So, don’t switch your computer or smartphone off just yet, as here are our top growth hacks to achieve a larger following offline.

Word of mouth

First and foremost, rediscover how powerful word of mouth marketing can be. Long before this crazy thing called the internet came along, word of mouth was one of the best ways of marketing your products or services and over time we’ve forgotten the amazing benefits it has. Whether you meet somebody at a networking event or they’re a customer in your shop, don’t be shy in mentioning your social profiles and gently reminding them to follow you to keep up with your business’ latest goings-on.

Printed items

Don’t underestimate the power of your business cards and branded stationery. Business cards are very important in the world of networking and a great way of passing on your details to prospective clients. So, in addition to your name, job title and contact details – why not include your social media handles so those looking to do business with you can come and find you online. Proudly promote your social media profiles across your stationery including your letterheads, invoices, receipts and compliment slips as well as your business cards.


In fact, anywhere your business details are printed – add your social handles! Think mugs, pens, notepads, diaries, calendars, t-shirts to name but a few. Branded items are a great way of boosting your profile and having people use an item covered with your business’ details every day shouldn’t be underestimated.

Promo offers

The best technique for offline social media growth is incentivising the offer. Try something along the lines of, “10% off when you follow us on Instagram”, or “Like us on Facebook for your chance to win!”, and you’ll be treated to a bunch of new followers and fans with little hassle. By making an offer they can’t refuse, you’ll build up a steady following without having to actively go out and look for them online. Everybody likes the thought of being a part of something, and by providing an incentive you’re letting them into a more exclusive part of your business.

Keep it up!

Of course, these methods are great for gaining followers, but how you maintain their interest once they’ve followed you is most important. What content you publish from then on will determine your follower count and how they engage with you online. If you’ve seen an increase in followers from offline techniques then it’s because they’ve enjoyed meeting you and doing business with you – so it’s your job to keep that energy going on your social channels by posting engaging, relevant and consistent content. Not sure what or how to do this? Drop us a line, we will be happy to provide any advice when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

Boost your social media following

By working with our team, we can provide a detailed action plan to outline how the strategy will be managed and we’ll create quality, valuable and shareable content that will have your followers interacting with your social media profiles, your website and ultimately, your business.

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