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Web design services Liverpool: The FrogBlog is not full of techno-geeky jargon but we write articles about current trends, ideas, issues and anything of interest in the wonderful world of web that may have an impact on an everyday web user – which is all of us. There’s some fun stuff too.

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How do you develop your brand?

A ‘brand’ is a bit of a sliding scale and depending on who you ask, you’ll most likely get a variety of answers. To a lot of people, a brand is just a recognisable logo. Everyone can recognise Coca-Cola, Boots, MacDonald’s, M&S, and for those of us who live in the North West, we can recognise the blue and yellow brand colours on the M62 from miles away even before we can read the word ‘IKEA’ (other reputable motorways are available).

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How do you develop your brand?