Cyberfrog supports Circus Starr

Supporting charities

Here at Cyberfrog Design we try to help as much as we can in the community and not-for-profit organisations. Many of our services we supply for a reduced rate, or pro bono, and we like to sponsor organisations and charities wherever and whenever we can. We are proud to say we have recently donated to a great charity, Circus Starr.

Cyberfrog supports Circus Starr
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Circus Starr is a touring circus boasting world-class, professional artists from across the globe. It was first founded in 1987 to help raise much needed funds for local charities whilst providing free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children.

Circus Starr helps underprivileged and disabled children experience the circus through donations from, primarily, local businesses. Circus Starr provides over £1.3 million worth of free tickets to children, their families and community groups every year.

These tickets go a long way to improving a child’s wellbeing through their reports it’s been shown to:

  • Reduce a sense of fear, isolation and anxiety
  • Increase confidence, sociability and self-esteem
  • Improve interpersonal connections, for example a feeling of inclusion

For our rather modest donation we have paid for tickets for six disabled children to go and see Circus Starr with their carers. We hope they have a smashing time and we urge other businesses to look into contributing to this fantastic cause.

To find out more about Circus Starr and what they do you can visit their website or call 01260 288 690

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