Top of the Pops website gaffs

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There’s a lot that goes into conceiving, designing, building and launching a website; a lot can go wrong and there are a few no-nos. Fashions change, and if a website has been up for a while certain things that were once fine and dandy may now be damaging to people's nerves and your business. Alright? Stay bright!

Top of the Pops website gaffs
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Once a site becomes established, it can become neglected, dysfunctional, outdated, ineffective and a bit raggy at the seams. It could be containing many features of a bad website.

We run down thirty things that can mar any website. Before you read them, it’s more fun to read it out loud after you’ve clicked the Pick of the Pops video! You’ll need the media volume turned up. Answers on a postcard please for anyone who knows what the image on the blog main page has to do with this, and for those of us under 40, here’s a little background info: Pick of the Pops).

Not arf!

This week’s run down . . .

No 30: “Don’t Inflict Your Choons on Me” by Automatic Music

No 29: “It’s Just an Online Brochure” by Not Generating Business

No 28: “Where Are We Going Now, Baby?” by Bad Navigation

No 27:I Can’t Find What I Need” by Cluttered Pages

No 26: “I Don’t Need No Leads” by Missing Calls-to-Action

No 25: “I’m Utterly Lost” by Complicated Userflow

No 24: “You Don’t Know Where to Go” by Too Many Calls-to-Action

No 23: “Not Mobile-Friendly” by Losing Potential Business

No 22: “I Just Can’t Wait” by Long Loading Time

No 21: “This Isn’t What We Do Anymore” by Outdated Content

No 20: “What Do We Do?” by Too Little Copy

No 19: “Baffled by Jargon” by It’s All About Us

No 18: “Fancy Fonts and Poor Legibility” by Too Much of a Struggle

No 17: “Dead End, Let’s Leave” by Broken Links

No 16: “No On-Site SEO” by Lost in Google

No 15: “What Are You Saying, Darling?” by Badly Chosen Stock Images

No 14: “Pixellated Images” by The Unprofessionals

No 13: “No Social Media?” by Not Driving Traffic

No 12: “Inconsistent Design” by The Confused Visitors

No 11: “My Mate’s Brother Did It” by Pay a Professional

No 10: “More Flashy Than Helpful” by Style Over Content

No 9: “What’s the News, Sweetie?” by No Blog Here

No 8: “Are You Still in Business?” by The Absent Bloggers

No 7: “All Selling and No Education” by No Customer Benefits

No 6: “No interesting Content” – by The Disengaged

No 5: “No Clear Objectives” by Vague Targeting

No 4: “Get Yer Coat, We’re Going!” by Persistent Popups

No 3: “The Phone Never Rings” by Hard to Find Contact Details

No 2: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by No Search Facility (feat. U2)

No 1: “There’s Really No Excuse” by Bad Spelling and Grammar

There’s a remedy

If your website is displaying any of these symptoms, please let us know and we can help. We’d really like you to be a one-hit-wonder and see you slide out of the charts without a trace.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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