Features of a good Facebook business page

Keeping up

Having a Facebook Page for your business gives your brand the insight it needs to succeed on social media. However, with more than 60 million active business pages it’s important to ensure you’re keeping up with other businesses out there. But what exactly are features of a good Facebook business page and what is it that customers want from it?

Features of a good Facebook business page
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Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

If a customer is trying to decide between two businesses and only one has an informative Facebook Page regularly updated with content, you can guarantee the customer will be going with the one that informs them quickly and easily. What is it that customers need from your Facebook page?

The best way to start is by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Not everybody understands your business as much as you do, so start thinking like your target audience – what they need to know, what they could do without knowing and how to tailor your content strategy around these needs.

Complete your profile

A fully-developed profile is one that already puts you ahead of the competition. Name your page, upload a profile picture (usually your company’s logo) and a relevant header image. Are these images free to use or watermarked? Are they the right size? Do they look good? Will visiting customers know what you do straight away? These are things your customers will be looking out for on your Facebook Page.

Start by covering the basics such as making sure you list your businesses’ contact information, website, opening hours, and links to other social platforms. If you have a variety of different phone numbers listed ensure you have also clearly listed what each is for i.e. the sales department, customer support lines, general enquiries, etc.

Actually use your page as a business tool

Speaking of customer support and general enquiries; the main purpose of your business’ Facebook page is to quickly offer a response to a customer’s inquiry. Alongside your regular Page content updates, you should also be prepared to respond to any queries both publicly in comments and privately in Facebook Messenger.

Did you know that Facebook users and businesses send over 1 billion messages to each other every month through Messenger? And yet, 87 percent of customer queries on Facebook Pages go unanswered. Use this statistic to your advantage by allowing your business by providing exceptional customer service through your Facebook Page and maintaining a high response rate.

Post often

Of course, people will only interact with your page if they know somebody is on the other end – and that is by updating your content regularly. Users are going out of their way to visit your Facebook page, so it’s in your best interest to make it worthwhile. Be as visual as possible by publishing videos, images, infographics and graphics as these will engage an audience a lot more than constant text posts.

When sharing content, you want to make sure it’s informational, entertaining, and relevant to your business or industry. Facebook pages are an efficient way to reach large groups of people at once, so you need to make your presence the best it can be. Keep in mind that everything you post has a purpose for your audience, you’d be surprised how many business’ Facebook pages leave users more confused than engaged. Ask yourself, “Is this to educate, entertain, or engage?” before posting and that should set you in the right direction.

Use promotions

Alongside answering questions your audience may have, customers are following business’ Facebook pages to be the first ones aware of the latest news and exclusive deals. Everyone loves a good deal, and your Facebook page audience is no different. A BuddyMedia report found that 35 percent of Facebook users like a page so that they can participate in contests and promotions. Customers want to feel valued for their interaction on your page, so allow your business’ Facebook page to be a hub of exclusive content. By allowing customers to feel valued is a sure way to build a community around your Page.

Reap the benefits

This community you’ve created over time will then feel encouraged to share their love for your product with someone else. Facebook users and fans of brands are looking for others to share their interests with, and your Facebook page is the perfect platform for this.

Once you understand what customers want from your Facebook page, it’s easy to deliver on what they need. Creating and maintaining your Facebook page offers immeasurable value to your brand and provides a place to truly connect with your customers. Want to know more? Get in touch with us, we can help you optimise your business’ social media presence.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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