Get the best out of your web designer

Collabortive approaches

Web Development from start to finish is a very trying task as it requires a lot of back and forth communication from the designer/developer and the client. Being a good client is just as conducive to the process as having a good designer. Web designers are funny folk who work tirelessly even when they’re not at work, but sometimes they just need a bit of help to get the best of the experience. If you want to get the best out of your designer here’s five things you need to keep in mind:

Get the best out of your web designer
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Supply great content

Supplying good content will speed up the time your brief turns into a visual design. When a designer gets your brief he needs to know what you are looking for. Sending in high quality images, websites and videos will give them the ideas they need to put forward a good concept design. Even a drawing of roughly what you had in mind will be useful. But if you’re sending content and the size isn’t big enough, or the video is too long it’s going to be time consuming for both of you. A rule of thumb to live by is quality not quantity.

Respect the time scale

When a company gives out a time scale for your project, it’s not plucked out of thin air, there’s a lot of thought that goes into this number. So whilst a 5 minute job may seem 5 minutes it could take a lot longer, especially to have it done right.

Saying thank you

It’s a small thing but letting a designer know what they have done right works wonders. A happy worker is a productive worker, and some praise could be the motivation to go forth and produce a spectacular website instead of an amazing one.

Trust Them

Sometimes there may be a little change a designer throws into the design that doesn’t quite take your fancy. Whilst the client is always right, bear in mind that the mock-up you receive ends up being seen and altered by a handful of designers from all lengths of experience. If it’s on the mock-up it’s there for a reason, ask for clarification on it before writing it off completely.

But remember to be upfront in communication

As time is money, a lot of firms hate to beat around the bush. If you want something done or changed, don’t be afraid to ask. Equally don’t be afraid to let the designer know that you don’t like something they won’t take it personally, it is part of their job. The quicker a designer can fix your snag list the quicker they can make you happy and make your website a success.

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