Social media tips from Game of Thrones? Really?

Yes, really...

It’s the television phenomenon that has taken over the world – Game Of Thrones.  The HBO network adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series has made waves for its shocking storytelling and its ability to keep fans hooked. At Cyberfrog HQ, we love discussing each episode in depth, conferring potential theories for what’s to come, and comparing our favourite characters and storylines – we’re gripped!

Social media tips from Game of Thrones? Really?
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This has got me thinking, what can small businesses learn from the programme and adapt it into their marketing strategy to keep their clients gripped? I’ve dissected each Game of Thrones House to see how their individual characteristics can be applied to your approach to digital marketing. How can this landmark series help you with some great social media techniques?

House Lannister

Legend has it that this House are descended from Lann the Clever, meaning their public image throughout Westeros is the ‘clever’ and pragmatic House. So, when it comes to your content strategy you’ve got to be clever too. Keep up with social media trends and do your homework to stay ahead of the game. There are plenty of pieces online that can teach you on the best way to adapt your social media, so much like the Maesters at the Citadel – read up and get educated. Set out a plan of important dates or upcoming events in the future which are important for your business and you can publicise on your channels.  After all, Winter Is Coming and you’ve got to be prepared!

The Lannisters’ unofficial motto is “A Lannister Always Pays His Debts” and when it comes to social media you should too. If somebody engages with you on your profiles, return the favour! This is how you build up relationships online and build your brand.

House Martell

This House have the largest unused army in Westeros as well as a royal Princess captured as a ward. I believe this House are patient yet very strategic – something you should adapt into your social media marketing.
As a small business, your following and engagement isn’t going to grow overnight so you’ve got to be realistic and patient. Just like Daenerys’ three dragons – these things take time to grow but because you’re not seeing huge numbers straight away, you shouldn’t give up. Strategising carefully and adapting your content to suit your steadily growing audience will be very effective in the long haul, so take your time.

House Bolton

Yes, they do have SOME redeeming qualities! We don’t condone their behaviour but we do commend them on their ability to create strong alliances throughout the North. Their associations with House Manderly and House Frey have given them a great deal of influence in the North.
When it comes to your online strategy, find people or other businesses you can connect with and leave comments, share their content and be social. Soon they’ll return the favour and you can become alliances and influence each other’s content.

House Stark

House Stark are one of the most honourable Houses in Westeros and have a long history in the North dating back to the First Men but are still quite a contemporary House compared to some others.

What can we take away from The Starks and apply to your content marketing? Well there are many black hat ways of boosting your content online which are frowned upon. Methods such as automated article spinning, stuffing keywords into content and spam comments are dishonourable. Just like Cersei performing her walk of shame through Kings Landing, you will be found out eventually and punished for it – discrediting your brand entirely.

Even though the Starks have a history spanning thousands of years, they remain modern and forward thinking. For example, Arya not conforming into a life of Ladyship that would be expected of her and Jon Snow becoming a fantastic leader despite him being born a bastard are not the common conduct of Westeros’ other noble Houses.
You should adapt this into your online strategy too. No matter how set in your ways your company is you can always adapt to the everchanging digital world we live in.

House Targaryen

In the grand scheme of things, House Targaryen are the new kids on the block. They’ve only been around for a mere 300 years compared to the other Houses who have a deep ancient and intertwining history. Because they live in Essos and have little interaction with the other Houses at throughout the series so far; they’re considered foreign and otherworldly.

Treat your digital strategy the same way; think outside the box and don’t follow the crowd. The Targaryens have ‘madness in their veins’ so inject a bit of craziness into your content (within reason, of course!)
Create and curate your content based on how well you know your audience. Daenerys is followed by many, many people through their own free will. Unlike many other Houses *cough* Lannister *cough* who are following through fear, Khaleesi herself is loved by her people through everything she has done for them.

Which House are you?!

Game of Thrones is a global favourite not only because of its stellar cast and phenomenal storylines that is constantly pushing the envelope but because of the lessons that can be applied to your business’ content marketing efforts. Need more advice? Get in touch and see how we can help you create a bespoke social media plan for your brand.

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