How do I use social media?

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Your fantastic website is built, business is booming for a couple of months and then it stagnates. If this sounds familiar ask yourself: “How well do I use social media?”

How do I use social media?
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Social media is the biggest thing to happen to the internet since its creation. Without it you would be emailing everybody the things you love, but whilst it’s great for sharing this great “cat” video you just found, it’s a serious tool.  A serious tool that if utilised properly can revolutionise your website and rekindle your business. Some of you may be wondering, “How do I use social media properly?” These are the five social media websites you should be taking advantage of right now as a business.

140 Characters is quite a lot

Twitter is often discounted because of its small character allowance but a picture says a thousand words. Pictures break up the flow of tweets on potential customer’s timelines, and if the design and colours are eye catching enough, they will convert into clicks. Twitter provides a wide range of business tools such as promoted tweets which is essentially the use of a tweet as an advert where you pay for it to be targeted.

A couple of other tips for twitter include:

  • Tweet often, Tweet Relevant, Tweet unique – tweeting once every few months the same content isn’t going to maintain customer interest for very long.
  • Tweet at peak times – you’ll want a large number of people see your tweets so doing it at 8am, 12pm and 6pm means that when people are waking up, taking lunch or relaxing at home after work they’ll see you.
  • Keep tweets related – if you’re a small company, the last thing people want to see is what you had for lunch (unless you’re a chef). Tweet and re-tweet things related to your business.

Don’t poke your customers

Whilst Facebook isn’t specifically the social hub for advertising, it does offer a huge audience that you can target your adverts at very accurately. This large audience accesses Facebook multiple times a day and you can be part of that. Opening a Facebook page for your business allows you to get interaction from users and this allows them to see regular updates. To boost the number of people viewing your content you can entice them with competitions or offers that involve sharing or liking a post.

Same rules apply to Facebook as to Twitter, post often, post relevant and post unique.

Be a superstar

Not literally, but adding video to your social media arsenal is really useful. Even having a page with an advertisement video allows you to get noticed. This can then move into advertising at the start of other people’s videos with even fancier videos that convert views to clicks. Youtube is a tricky market to get the hang of and whilst it’s not the most social, it allows you to get a lot of information across to potential customers quickly.


Since LinkedIn opened its doors back in 2003 it’s changed a lot, and LinkedIn is now a complete business social media network. You’re able to have colleagues interacting internally on posts, search and join groups of people to find leads to your business but most importantly it is another place that your customers can find you. Other businesses or previous clients can refer your business through LinkedIn and because of the exclusivity of the website it lets the world know the referral isn’t just some spam.

The leads created through LinkedIn can be more comprehensive than any other social media network especially if you’re connected with that user. The details that are available about that user can be the difference between tailoring your proposal to that user or to a group, and we all know what a potential client would like to receive.

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