How do you write a business bio?

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Composing your social media profile’s bio is one of the first steps when setting up a new account and after that it is often forgotten about when your digital marketing strategy is in full swing. Think of your business’ social media bio as your online business card; it’s a quick bitesize way to show your new audience what you’re about and what you do.

How do you write a business bio?
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How do you write a business bio?  You wouldn’t offer a prospective client an out-of-date business card with information that doesn’t match your offer, so your social media bio shouldn’t be any different. When you connect with a new contact, the first thing they’re going to do is look you up online. Your profile needs to be both impressive and discoverable.

Your social media profile is a window into what your business does and what services you offer, but it can also be so much more than that. A great social media bio can drive people to your website, or other online assets, and it can promote some of your best content leading to new clients and sales.

Each bio description is unique to your business and every platform presents different character limitations. Instead of us telling you what to write a great social media bio, we’re going to offer some top tips on how to focus on explaining who you are and what you do whilst conveying your brand’s unique personality.

Tip 1

It is important to be clear in distinguishing yourself online and the general rule of thumb is to inform, not impress; hopefully the latter can be achieved with your daily content.

Tip 2

For brand profiles, social media bios are a good channel to roll out your new positioning. If you’re starting your own business, the chances are that the focus of your products and services will change in time adapting to the needs of your customers. Make sure your bio description reflects these changes. It’s important to change your bio regularly to match the growth of your business.

Tip 3

Your brand’s bio needs to use targeted language to show your ideal audience that they have come to the right place. That’s a big ask for a small space – you often have a limited amount of characters to use so you’ll need to get creative and use a few tricks to make your bio stand out.

Tip 4

It’s not just what your social media bio says but also how it’s presented. Try stylising it with line breaks and emojis. Line breaks and spacing allow you to break your bio into bite-sized chunks of information that are easy for visitors to scan, so you can highlight the most important things about your brand.

Tip 5

It’s important to remember that formatting can be difficult on mobile devices so practise your bio’s layout in the Notes app and copy & paste to the social media platform.

Tip 6

Emojis are a great way of creating a sense of brand personality. Although an emoji may not be worth a thousand words, they’re a great way of communicating when your character count is tight. Even if you think emojis are too cutesy for your specific sector, you can still use them effectively as a shorthand to inject colour into your profiles. For example, the location pin is a great way to note your brand’s physical location, the telephone emoji is great for indicating your contact number and the envelope to specify your email address.

Tip 7

Which brings us nicely onto call to actions within your social media bio. All bios should include a call to action – because what else do you want visitors to do after they visit your profile? Be clear in asking your visitors to take this step and be sure it aligns with the link you entered in your profile, which will appear immediately after your bio.

If your goal is to build an online following, your call to action might be simply to ask visitors to follow your feed, or to share their photos with a branded hashtag.

Tip 8

Branded hashtags are a great way of claiming a space as your own in this large social media world. Nothing creates a more compelling brand story than images of real people interacting with your brand. The easiest way to curate this content is to include a branded hashtag in your bio that gives users a way to share their content for you to find easily. Create your own hashtag and encourage users to do the same but keep in mind that any hashtags you include in your bio are clickable. For a guide to hashtags, check out our previous blog here.

Tip 9

Use your bio to highlight what makes your business unique. A good social media bio accurately describes what your business is and what it does. Part of this are the unique skills or services you provide as a brand. Are you a local business? Is your product ethically made? What other fun facts can you tell users about your brand? This is also a great way to showcase your company’s personality.

With these top tips in mind, you’re ready to create a social media bio that showcases the very best of your business. For more advice on any elements of your social media or digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us.

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