How to increase website sales

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To secure business online in this fast-paced digital world, simply owning a website isn’t enough anymore. In order to remain the leaders within your industry, businesses need to take extra steps to make a website stands out from the rest. Luckily, there are a few ways of  adjusting online marketing strategies to help generate more sales (almost) instantly. Here are three easy tweaks to make and how to increase website sales and to see revenue soar.

How to increase website sales
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Have a well-designed website

Did you know that 94% of website visitors cite bad web design as a reason for mistrusting a website? If a website does not look trustworthy, potential clients are not going to be willing to hand over their payment details and they’ll shop elsewhere. With people’s consciousness of cyber security at an all time high, having a website which looks the real deal and functions reliably will put people at ease and reassure them that they’re purchasing something from a reliable brand. In the same way purchasers will do a U-turn from a shop that is not an enjoyable experience (perhaps it is badly laid out or the staff couldn’t answer any questions that customers may have about the product), online users are doing the same to a poorly presented website and this will affect online sales.

By not having a responsive website, a huge number of potential clients are marginalised. More and more online browsing is happening on mobile phones and tablets, so by failing to optimise a website to their screens online retailers could be missing out on handfuls of potential opportunities.

Having an SSL certificate also comes together with a dependable e-commerce website and with GDPR, this is now a necessity. By issuing an SSL you can continue to build a trust with the people visiting a site while ensuring their information is safe. Find out more about SSL certificates for website’s sales on our previous blog here.

Drive web traffic with social media

Whether you love it or loathe it, social media can be a fantastic tool to increase the amount of website sales. It provides a place to showcase products with sales messages to a target audience.

An effective digital marketing social media strategy brings a business to a wider audience. But, it should not be about selling – it’s about interaction, sharing quality content and, above all, listening. Developing a digital marketing and online ‘personality’, learning about potential customers’ requirements and engaging with a relevant network raises a social media profile and enables online retailers to see opportunities and deliver services that consumers actually want and need.

Social media is a way of constructing how the rest of the world sees your brand. Gone are the days of supply and demand from a faceless brand; consumers are looking to create ongoing relationships with whom they buy from.

Social media can improve a website’s sales in a rather holistic way. By using it as a tool to establish a brand’s voice, one can make a business look personable while remaining relevant.

A consistent social media marketing plan for a brand is a great way to maintain consistency in the position a company is taking as an authority or expert in a certain field. In fact, 64% of people who have a relationship with a brand cite shared values as the primary reason for it.

Providing an audience with new and innovative ways to build relationships. By giving them what they’re looking for with great, quality, consistent content they can learn from, companies will become valuable. It is important to remain engaged and spirited because when they’re ready to buy, they’ll think of you.

Encourage User Generated Content (UGC)

Eek! Yes, really. Put a company in the hands of those who use it – consumers, customers, visitors, and clients – will auto-generate content and interaction.

Photos, videos and comments by fans and followers online can promote a product or company while reaching the target audience in a more natural, authentic way. Encouraging reviews and ratings online is also a fantastic promotional tool to see an increase in a website’s sales.

Before making a purchase, more and more online users will do their research on not only the product but the brand itself. They want to see what other experiences previous customers have had with your services before they dive in and hand over their money. Again, it all comes back to the trustworthiness of a website.

As online shopping trends continue to increase rapidly, we’re seeing that 59 percent of people consult social media before making any purchases, and 84 percent of millennials say UGC specifically influences their purchases and these figures only set to rise as time goes on. If a user sees somebody happy with their purchase from a brand, this will influence them to do the same.

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