Is Square payments a good option?

Stock management

Historically, one of the main issues affecting some of our ecommerce clients has been keeping track of stock levels between a bricks-and-mortar shop and an online ecommerce store. Often, much of the stock control and auditing had to be done manually as integrating POS software and the website could be time-consuming, unreliable and expensive to implement.

Is Square payments a good option?
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Not only this, measuring sales, profits and turnover had to be done twice – once at POS and then again with online sales. Enter Square and is Square payments a good option?

As time moves relentlessly on nearly every part of our lives are becoming more and more synced and integrated, never mind phones and TVs, even our microwaves are ‘smart’ and watching our every move! Thankfully, the above problem potentially looks to have become a whole lot easier or, at least, we’ve been presented with a nifty new solution.

Last week Jack Dorsey, the guy behind Twitter, launched his Square payments software to the UK. It’s taken a while as it was originally launched in the US eight years ago. The introduction of Square presents a great opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to streamline their stock auditing processes and manage sales figures in perfect synchronisation.

Square software takes payments at POS and collates any number of sales figures, profits, customer details, previous orders, etc. that you might need in a sales business and does all, and more, you’d expect decent POS software to do. But, the ability to easily integrate online ecommerce payments directly into the POS software is a major step. The emphasis is on ’easy’ as Square not only syncs the basic stuff you’d expect, like stock numbers and sales figures, but also pricing can be controlled from a central dashboard, orders are added to the list and gone are the days of having to cross-reference online sales with physical in-store sales.

Now, this kind of functionality is available elsewhere but Square appears to have reduced a lot of the hassle. Cheaper than PayPal and with beautiful hardware to rival Apple, Square looks to be a fantastic solution for retailers and wholesalers to take payment from a variety of different sources and by a number of means and have complete control of its management from a central location.

Is Square payments a good option? This all may sound like I’m on some kind of promotion deal from Mr. Dorsey but I’m really looking forward to giving this a whirl with one of our clients. Should the opportunity arise I’d suggest they give Square some serious consideration.

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