Leaving the Cyberfrog Pond

Our lovely Jamie is leaving us.

Our little tadpole has sprouted legs and after two years as an apprentice, and an invaluable asset to Cyberfrog, she’s hopping off to college and then on to further education. She’s been the backbone of our office organisation, remembered everything for us, sorted our project scheduling and kept us all in order.

Leaving the Cyberfrog Pond
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We’re not sure what we’re going to do without her. She’s been the best, we’re so sad to see her go but we’re very proud of her for making the brave decision to leave and develop her career in new fields. But, even though she’s going, once a Cyberfrog, always a Cyberfrog. She says . . .

Working Cyberfrog Design has been an experience I’ll never forget. Starting as a Level 2 Business Administrator apprentice, it was heart-breaking to announce my departure. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such an amazing team who have showered me with support and my confidence has flourished. I can’t thank them enough for including me in the team.

One of my favourite parts of working here is the relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. If you’ve ever visited the office, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The close working relationships we all share, not only with each other, but with clients too, is essential to providing a resourceful and creative environment.

Cyberfrog Design is a company that values development and progress. During my time here, I’ve assimilated so many transferable skills, such as functioning to tight deadlines, working under a lot of pressure and experience with prioritising tasks under these circumstances; these are all necessary academic skills I’ll require when I return to college. Not only have my skills advanced, I’ve been able to support my Cyberfrog colleagues whenever possible, e.g. the marketing department working on social media platforms and assisting our developers, Shaun and Barney, with some product uploading when necessary.

We are a family here. We share a vision of finding innovative ideas and solutions which helps us to evolve as a service provider; we are all encouraged to experiment to discover diverse approaches to problem solving and obtaining efficient solutions.

I’m so devastated to leave such a compassionate and supportive team, they’ve always been encouraging and understanding. Comparing myself two years ago to now, there is evident progress in my interpersonal abilities and my independence.

I wish all my Cyberfrog team the best! Will miss you all loads.

Tarah, Tink, we’re going to miss you an awful lot, but we’ll see you soon. X

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