Website audit for lockdown

Business fever!

The global pandemic and various lockdowns have meant that many businesses have had to re-evaluate their entire business practices and procedures. More than ever, online channels have become much more important for businesses whether it be Zoom meetings, staff management, consultations, or payments.

Website audit for lockdown
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Up to the task?

Increasingly, company websites have inevitably become more vital as a point of first contact and, more importantly, for sales and conversions. A company website should reflect the business and in the global crisis many businesses are realising the importance of a website during lockdown. The impact on businesses since lockdown in March 2020 has been much more than remote working.. But, as we have all discovered since March 2020, businesses have changed and so has how they operate. Many companies are now finding that their website no longer effectively reflects how their businesses are run, or even, what they do. This quick website audit for lockdown can help a business decide if its website is still fit for purpose.

  1. Is your business being run in exactly the same way as before March 2020?
  2. Are you getting the same number of enquiries through the website as before?
  3. Are you gaining customers or clients in the same way as pre-lockdown 2020?
  4. Are the services, or ‘what you do’, still relevant?
  5. Is the ‘how we work’ or ‘our process’ still accurate?
  6. Is imagery, team pages, etc. up-to-date?
  7. Are you giving visitors information about how you’re operating during lockdown (beyond a popup message)?
  8. Would visitors be clear about the procedure for engaging with you for receiving your services?
  9. Do you think you will go back to working in exactly the same way again after lockdown ends?
  10. Imagine your website as a member of staff? Is it still as effective at doing its job as it was before lockdown?

Decision time

If the answer to most of these questions is ‘no’, it may be time for an update. This could be something as simple as revisiting written content and imagery, or it could be that your entire mode of operating the business can changed unrecognisably and a complete reboot is necessary. The important thing at the moment is that your website should be at the centre of your business, working for you, increasing your bottom line and be almost part of your sales team.

Question 10 is a key one. If a member of staff was still working in exactly the same way as pre-lockdown in March 2020 and hadn’t adapted to any changes, would they still have a job? And, you can’t furlough a website.

Please get in touch if you need any help or would like us to do you a website audit for lockdown – we’d like to help and advice is free. 😊

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